It looks like a kitty needs saving, and you're the only person (or robot... not really sure), who's up to the task. Maybe it's your job to save cats... Maybe it's your cat... I really dunno. But you have a lazer blaster and a keenness towards jumping, so you must (well... "must" is a strong word... "might"?) save a kitty from a planet full of dangerous aliens. Well... It's a small planet... And their isn't THAT many aliens... but I think you get the point.


left and right arrow keys to walk, up key to jump and "x" to shoot.


Search for the lost kitty! Find power-ups that might help. Pew-pew-pew!

Other notes:

This was a game I wrote to learn HTML5 and javascript.
A homage to my favorite portable console and second favorite game for that console from my childhood.

This game has also been ported to Android, from javascript to the android SDK. Save a Kitty on GooglePlay

Feel free to look through the source, but it was my first try as JavaScript, so don't expect anything pretty.

Software used:
Milkytracker for music and sfx.
GraphicsGale for graphics.
NotePad++ for coding.

Created by Kevin "Kalisme" Laherty

Also available on