Finally updated!

I have finally updated KatzenKlein 3D (YAY!)

Things added to version 1.01:

  • -A pause and unpause option
  • -Sound problem fixed (mostly) on firefox browsers.
  • -Rewrote screen scaling code for Firefox fullscreen.
  • -fixed the loading screen.
  • -The player doesn't stare at walls when a new level is loaded anymore.
  • -Crosshair added to help with aiming.

I was going to add auto weapon changing, but I would of had to rewrite all the gun states… so I decided against it (sorry… I'm lazy).

Another thing that I actually tried was adding the option to use either W and S or UP and Down for movement, but I had to remove it since if you hit Ctrl and W at the same time, the window would close… It turns out there's a few keys and key combinations you have to avoid when coding a HTML5 game… There might be a way around it, but I'm okay with the current setup.

Thanks for reading and any feedback would be appreciated.

-K. A. Laherty    

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