If the viewport is black on start up, it's probably just loading… sorry for the inconvenience.


Turn = Left & right arrow keys
Forward = up arrow key
Back = down arrow key
Shoot = Ctrl
Strafe = A & D
E = activate (doors in game)
weapon select = 1, 2, 3 & 4
Esc = go back to small screen

Please note that this game is designed to work in Chrome & Firefox Browsers with WebGL enabled.

KatzenKlein 3D is a short retro-inspired FPS written in JavaScript.

Feel free to make a video of yourself playing it, though I would like to see said video.

Software used:

Krita, Gimp & GraphicsGale(free)

Sound and music:
Audacity and LMMS

IDE for coding:

Additional libraries used:
gl-matrix.min.js by Colin MacKenzie IV

Development log


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how do you shoot?????!!!

Ctrl shoots... Ha, sorry about that... Thanks for pointing that out.